ICU to Postpartum

Hello! For those of you who have found this blog hi! I am a 25 year old nurse in Baltimore. I started as an ICU and cardiac ICU nurse, working with open heart surgery patients. I have recently started my new career in postpartum. These worlds are so completely different that I am now going to use my expertise in both to help educate! Especially high risk pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum areas.

The ICU is a crazy world. I have left shifts sore from doing CPR and with blood stained shoes. I have seen the inside of an adult’s chest. I have seen people come back from the worst. I have seen people die and held their families. The ICU involves adults at the sickest moments of their lives. This world is one of treatment, where we try to fix what is already broken.

The postpartum world is different in every way. The pace, the patients, and the problems. It’s a place of wellness, happiness, and growth. The primary purpose is education. You teach new parents how to care for their new babies.

Some people say things like you’re not a “real nurse” on a floor like postpartum. That is not true. Being from both worlds, I have learned that it is different, but equally important. Every patient that walks through the door in the hospital needs a nurse.

I love the education. I want to educate the world on heart health, healthy child bearing practices, and everything in between.


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