Bottle Feeding Basics!

In this post I’ll discuss bottle feeding basics. This will include types, preparation, supplementing, etc.

At Sinai Hospital we use Similac. This is the most widespread used formula brand and the one I’ll discuss. However, do your research! There are lots of other brands of formula out there that might be better for you and your baby.

Formula Basics: 

  • Ingredients:
    • DHA: For brain development. Found in foods like fish
    • Lutein: For eye development. Found in foods like spinach.
    • Vitamin E: For growth and development. Found in foods like broccoli.
    • Vitamin C: For immune support. Found in foods like oranges and other fruits.
    • Potassium: For muscle health. Found in foods like bananas.
    • 2′-FL HMO: Immune-nourishing probiotic that can circulate throughout the whole body. The closest thing to breastmilk components.



  • Similac Pro-Advance
    • Great for general formula feeding. Added probiotic for immune support.
  • Similac Advance
    • Great for general formula feeding.
  • Similac for Supplementation
    • Designed for moms who chose to breastfeed and supplement with formula. This contains less calories and nutrients than regular formula due to adding to breastmilk.
  • Similac Sensitive
    • This formula is great for babies who have sensitive tummies and don’t seem able to tolerate regular formula.
  • Similac Soy Isomil
    • This formula is soy and usually used for mom’s with soy allergies themselves or chose to have a soy diet
  • Similac Total Comfort
    • This formula contains proteins that are already broken down for easier digestion.
  • Similac For Spit Up
    • This formula is especially good for babies who seem to spit up everything they are given. It is extra sensitive and easy to quickly digest during feedings.
  • Similac Neosure
    • This formula is for premature babies. It has extra calories and extra nutrients for small and premature babies.



  • There are two types of formula: pre-prepared and powdered formula and each is prepared differently.
    • Pre-prepared: This formula is basically ready to feed. Shake well, attach nipple and fee.
    • Powdered: Add one pack of formula and 2 oz. of water.
  • DO NOT add water to make it last longer. This defeats the purpose and the baby will not get enough of the nutrients.
  • Water mixed with powder may have to be boiled first. Read the instructions before mixing.
  • Formula does not need to be heated but if you chose to warm it you can. Do not microwave! Fill a bowl with warm water (not boiling) and place bottle in the bowl. Check milk temperature with your wrist.
  • Storage: Once opened, it only lasts an hour and then must be thrown away. Otherwise, may be stored at room temperature.


Formula feeding should be done every 2-3 hours or on-demand. See previous diaper post for changes to your baby’s diapers.

  • As your baby grows, they may take all 60 mL in the bottle.
  • When supplementing, given 15-30 after breastfeeding.


Obviously we always say breastfeeding is better, but you are unable or chose not to, bottle feeding is a safe and effective alternative.

Please email me with any questions! 🙂


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