Bulb Syringe Basics!

In this post I’ll be discussing a basic but SUPER IMPORTANT piece of equipment for your new baby- the bulb syringe! If you don’t know what this is, you’ll recognize it’s picture:


This small syringe can be life saving for your baby! It is used to suck formula, milk, breast milk, saliva, etc. out of your baby’s mouth to prevent choking. Spitting up is very common with babies, especially in the first few days of life. Since babies can’t lift their heads or control their necks very well, choking when spitting up can be extremely dangerous. The bulb syringe helps you to suck anything out of their mouths and prevent choking from occurring.

To Use:

  1. Sit the baby up
  2. Pat on baby’s back to push anything out of their throat/lungs and into their mouth
  3. Collapse the bulb with your thumb
  4. Insert tip into baby’s mouth (side, not the center and not too far back into the baby’s throat)
  5. Release the bulb while the tip remains in the baby’s mouth. This will suck anything in their mouth out, and into the bulb.
  6. Empty the bulb between each suck to ensure not pushing anything back into the babies mouth.

Here’s a good video if these steps were confusing for you!

Hospitals have these on stock and usually keep at least one in every baby crib for your use. This is also yours to take home. Make sure you always have it on hand!


If you have any questions please ask your nurse during your hospital stay and feel free to email me!


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