Postpartum Support

Something that a lot of moms worry about is what happens after they leave the hospital and no longer have a nurse helping and caring for her and her baby. What a lot of women and families don’t know is that there a multitude of options for support from the hospital and even from home.


Support Groups: Like I’ve said in previous posts, most hospitals offer support groups for their patients. Ask about this before you’re discharged from the hospital. They’ll have support groups for specifics like postpartum depression, breastfeeding, etc.

Midwives: Something to look into even before you get pregnant is midwives. Midwives are certified to give you prenatal care, deliver babies, and give postpartum care as well. Midwives are often more open to delivering at home, water births, the use of a doula, or lack of interventions like epidurals than most doctors are. Midwives will develop a postpartum plan with you base on how much help you need with newborn care and things like breastfeeding. They’ll often follow up within days of birth and multiple times, unlike others who just offer a 6 week postpartum follow up.

Postpartum Doulas: Especially if you used and liked having a doula present at your delivery, you will want to look into a postpartum doula. These are available through homecare agencies and will come visit you, help you with breastfeeding, cook/clean, allow you some personal time and can check your bleeding and baby’s weight gain. These are super useful and if anything, can help you around the house and help prevent you from getting overwhelmed during this period and really enjoy the time you have with your family and your new baby.

Lactation Consultant: As mentioned, most hospitals will have breastfeeding support groups lead by a lactation consultant. These can be great resources for you to utilize! Most antepartum and postpartum homecare agencies will have lactation consultants who will do home visits and personal appointments. They can really help you identify certain problems and offer support during breastfeeding issues.


Homecare during the antepartum and postpartum period is becoming more and more popular. Don’t be afraid to look into these options if you feel overwhelmed! The postpartum time period should be a time to enjoy with your baby, not worry about it.


Please email me if you have any questions about these options!


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